कार्य मूल्यांकन (2016-17)

महत्वपूर्ण लिंक

CD Content 
Zinc & ORS Training Video 2
Zinc & ORS Training Video 3
Mission Indradhanush 1
Zinc & ORS Training Video 1
Mission Indradhanush 2
Mission Indradhanush 3
Mission Indradhanush 4
Mission Indradhanush 5
Mission Indradhanush 6
Tara Hamari Asha
Nanhi Si Jaan
Diarrhoea Management
Zinc-ORS Action Song
Vitamin A Training
Anthropometric Measurements For SAM
Assessment of Oedema in SAM
Capillary Refill for assessing shock in SAM
Respiratory Rate in children
Theraputic feed for SAM - F 100 Diluted
Theraputic feed for SAM - F-75 (cereal based)
Theraputic feed for SAM - F-75 (non cereal based)
Nasogastric Feeding
Sensory stimulation in SAM - Play Therapy
SST for SAM below 6 m of age
Clinical Signs in SAM
Counselling techniques
Hb Estimation in children using WHO colour scale
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